Halfway through the 16th century, corsets were appearing as a universally worn garment among women ranging from noble ladies to farmer’s wives. In most cases it has been used for cinching the waist and supporting the breasts.

Corsets can reduce any waist size anywhere from 2-7 inches, depending on the style of corset that is picked. Full corsets cover the breasts area while supporting and elevating it while under bust corsets that flatten the stomach and meanwhile reduce the waist.

The corset has evolved over the years from an everyday piece of women’s lingerie to a must have fashion item that can be worn with stunning effect. There are many styles or types of corset available in a huge range of materials and some beautiful colors, from lace to leather. The corset has become a popular garment to wear as outer clothing especially for parties or clubbing so there should be a sexy corset in every girls wardrobe.

Satins, silks and a whole variety of other interesting fabrics are used to make some beautiful corset designs for just about any special occasion. Satin lovers adore sexy corset styles that are trimmed with pretty feminine laces and delicate satin ribbons.

The chances are that corset tops will be around for a long time to come as fashions keep changing and coming around. All the more reason to add a few sexy satin corset tops to your lingerie collection.

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