Lingerie prevails as the clothing of choice for most exotic dancers and nothing seems to grab a man’s attention like garters and hose. When held up next to a pair of black stockings suspended on the legs by short pieces of lace, there is nothing as sexy as pantyhose. The garment harkens back to early European days and was always the tantalizing piece of seduction needed to send any man reeling.

There are four suspenders, two in front and two in the back. Gather one stocking in your hand, roll it down to the toe and slip your foot in, sliding the hose up your leg until it comes to rest on your thigh. The back suspender should be hooked into place first by sliding the hose material between the metal eye of the rubber and the hook gripper. Push the gripper and hose material into the eye and then slide up, capturing the fabric in a hold between the two hook pieces. Repeat with the front suspender. This does take some practice so until you are comfortable with them, avoid trying to wear the hose with a back seam. It will be crooked and look unattractive; try these once you are masterful at wearing garters.

Stockings and belts add an extra bit of sex appeal to your costume. Always remember to put your panties on last over the belt; otherwise, you will be unhooking the whole garment each time you need to use the restroom. The hooks will come undone and it can be disastrous.

Shopping for intimate apparel for your lady should be a trauma-free, if not actually enjoyable, experience, so go on and give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose but your inhibitions, and your lady will love you for it!

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