Apart from covering our bodies and protecting us from various external elements, clothing is also meant to make us appear beautiful, trendy and stylish regardless of our size, shape and physical features. As a direct implication of this basic rule, full figured women and teenage girls who are large sized are required to use and buy plus size lingerie from catalogue stores, online stores or specialty shops.

There are certain considerations which should be kept in mind while choosing plus size lingerie for women like features, effects and sizing. It is important for the buyer to realize that the features of plus-size lingerie would be different from that of smaller sized clothing of a similar style and pattern in order to facilitate free movements on the part of the wearer.

It is also common to find the widespread use of elastic in such lingerie since it enables stretching and therefore adds to the comfort of the wearer. There has been tremendous improvement in the over all effect produced by plus size clothing over the period of years as result of which the plus size lingerie today is not as shapeless and unflattering as it used to be at one point of time. Instead, now it is designed in such a way that it flatters the figure of the wearer by highlighting the assets and downplaying the negative aspects.

The sizing of the plus size lingerie varies from one brand to another as each brand has its own idea of design and follows different criteria for sizing which is then apparent in the clothes.

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